About Us
The Appleton Charitable Foundation was granted charitable status in Canada in 1998. Based in Toronto, the Appleton Charitable Foundation is dedicated to promoting education and supporting community awareness in the arts, humanities and public health.

In September 2007, the Appleton Charitable Foundation produced the GreenApple Canada SMART Transportation Ranking Report. The GreenApple Ranking Report Ranked sustainable urban transportation performance for 27 of Canada’s largest urban municipalities. The GreenApple Report assessed transportation policies against 17 indicators tracked in 4 policy categories: Air Quality, Public Policy, Transport Activity and Technology Adoption. . Read More


09.26.07 | Appleton Charitable Foundation announces plan to release U.S. SMART transportation Ranking Report.

09.21.07 | The Appleton Charitable Foundation releases the GreenApple Canada 2007 SMART transportation Ranking Report in Vancouver, B.C. .. Read More

09.22.06 | Clinton Global Initiative recognizes Appleton Charitable Foundation’s commitment to improve air quality... Read More