GreenApple Canada 2007 Ranking Report
The Appleton Charitable Foundation’s GreenApple Project arose from collaboration with the New York City based Jack D. Hidary Foundation's project and is based on a commitment made by the Appleton Foundation at the 2006 Clinton Global Initiative.

The Appleton Charitable Foundation committed funding of up to $1 million to enable the production of the first Canadian national cities ranking report on sustainable urban transportation.

The GreenApple Ranking Report identifies best practices that municipal governments can take to enable the use of sustainable practices in urban transportation. This report hopes to raise awareness and enhance the policy making capacity of municipal governments to adopt sustainable urban transportation policies.
GreenApple SMART Transportation Policy Indicators
GreenApple SMART Transportation Ranking of the Census
Metropolitan Areas

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After the success of the GreenApple Canada 2007 SMART Transportation Ranking Report, the Appleton Charitable Foundation has made plans to produce a U.S. version of the Report, ranking U.S. municipalities in the next year.